Side Effect – Single or Bundle


Chapter 1 – written and drawn by noizybutpurple

Jimmy is caught in a dream. Can you make sense of it?


Chapter 2 – written and drawn by sakubik

Two men meet randomly at a train station.
One does not know what to make of his life, neither does the other.

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Side Effect Ch 1

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Side Effect Ch 2
Side Effect Chapter 1 & 2
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A collaboration comic by noizybutpurple and sakubik

We, the artists, wanted to work together on a project, while having very different art styles.

Noizybutpurple will write and illustrate all uneven numbered comics (1, 3, …)
sakubik will write and illustrate all even numbered comics (1, 3, …)

The catch

We don’t tell each other what our chapter will be about. We have put down a basic storyline prior to the project, but are free to conquer any theme in our chapters as we please.
The challenge is to respond to the other one’s chapter accordingly and drive the story further.


We hope you’ll like it and we’d love to hear from you, what you think.


Size: 18 x 26 cm
Language: English

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Chapter 2


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