Culture Panda Wood Charms


Culture Panda walnut wood charm

Choose from 18 different designs:

Antarctica male | Australia (Aborigines) male | Canada male | China female | Germany male | Germany female | Ireland female | Japan male | Japan female | Mexico male | Poland male | Portugal female | Scotland male | Thailand male | Thailand female | Turkey female | Vietnam female | Santa Panda

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Product Quantity

Antarctica male

7 vorrätig

Australia (Aborigines) male

1 vorrätig


Canada male

10 vorrätig

China male

10 vorrätig

China female

10 vorrätig

France male

10 vorrätig

France female

10 vorrätig

Germany male

15 vorrätig

Germany female

15 vorrätig

Ireland female

10 vorrätig

Japan male

4 vorrätig

Japan female

9 vorrätig

Mexico male

2 vorrätig

Mexico female

10 vorrätig

Poland male

10 vorrätig

Portugal female

10 vorrätig

Scotland male

2 vorrätig

Spain male

10 vorrätig

Spain female

10 vorrätig

Switzerland male

10 vorrätig

Switzerland female, IMPERFECT

10 vorrätig

Thailand male

7 vorrätig

Thailand female

13 vorrätig

Turkey female

10 vorrätig

Vietnam female

12 vorrätig

Santa Panda

15 vorrätig


These cute wood charms are printed on 4mm responsibly sourced walnut veneered MDF. 

The single-sided printed design of the Culture Panda comes in full, bright colours.

Furthermore, the wood charms are quite durable, so don’t be afraid to put them on your key, your bag and toss them around. 


Please note that Walnut veneer is a natural material which means that the colour, grain, and texture of each sheet will be different from the next.


Height: appr. 63.5 mm / 2.5 inch

Thickness: 4mm

Material: responsibly sourced walnut veneered MDF


Zusätzliche Information

Charm Design

Antarctica male, Germany male, Germany female, Japan male, Japan female, Mexico male, Scotland male, Thailand female, Vietnam female


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