Culture Pandas Stickersheets


9 cute Culture Panda stickers, pre-cut on a DIN A5 sheet

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Stickersheet No. 1

Stickersheet No. 2


Spread the cuteness!

With these cute little Culture Panda stickersheet, you have 9 pandas to stick to a various of surfaces (stickers are not removable).

The sticker sheet has a size of DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm), each sticker is approximately 6.5 mm in height.


Design No. 1

  • Scotland male
  • Ireland female
  • Japan female
  • Germany male
  • Thailand female
  • United Kingdom male
  • Germany female
  • Antarctica male

Design No. 2

  • Thailand male
  • Vietnam male
  • Japan male
  • Netherlands female
  • Poland male
  • India male
  • Vietnam female
  • Italy female


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