24 h Comic

24 hour ... what?

You might ask yourself: What is a 24 hour comic? A lot of people haven’t heard of it before. Let me introduce you to the concept:

A 24 hour comic is an event where comic artists attend and try to finish a 24 pages, 4 panels each, comic. Their style is up to them. 

So far I have attended two 24 hour comics. My first one in 2018 in Winterthur, Switzerland, and my second one in 2019 in Munich. Both had no official topic, so you were allowed to come up with any topic you want.

A more detailed description to each comic is noted with each comic.


#1 - The inner SCHWEINEHUND and the 24 h comic (EN)

My very first 24 hour comic. A friend told me about it and asked if I wanted to tag along. I’m always up for a challenge, so why not 😀

So here some basic imformation:

_Location: Wintherthur, Switzerland
_Date: 20th-21st October , 2018, 12pm until 12 pm
_No official topic

I had:
_No story prepared
_Managed sketch and ink

#2 - Die Trilogie des Wahnsinns (DE)

... will be uploaded soon

My second 24 hour comic. And this time, my two friends and I added a twist: We wanted to finish a comic each, but making a 3 chapter comic. So everyone of us drew one part.

So here some basic imformation:

_Location: Planegg (closeto Munich), Germany
_Date: 6-7th April, 2019, 12pm until 12 pm
_No official topic

I had:
_No story prepared (we sat down the first hour and brainstormed for the story)
_Managed sketch

I reaaaaaally liked this idea and though I only managed the sketch at the challenge-day, I inked and coloured it afterwards.

Also: visit my comic-collaboration partner in crimes on instagram