TiDIY Ninja

Tidying Up Is No Fun? But It Can Be!


Many people struggle with keeping their homes tidy. And for many, untidyness blocks their focus and creativity. 

Tidying tips are very popular right now, but somehow, they don’t stick. This concept makes tidying a fun quest, a challenge for your yourself.

This project is an offline (print) concept, but could also be adapted into an app with even more tips and elements to keep the user engaged.

Target Group

This concept was designed for people, who are open for tips for tidying up and enjoy emotional stories.

Kids as well as adults can benefit from this concept.


Playful and colourful character design, paired with a structured layout.

All illustrations are vector based.

As the concept includes storytelling, there is definitie need of written text, but it is vital to keep it short, fun and immersing.

Character Design

Every user chooses his/her own ninja character. That way, even in print, it makes it more personal. At the very beginning, you are even asked to choose your own ninja name.

Then, of yourse, you need a TiDIY Ninja Master, that teaches you the TiDIY teachings and accompanies you on your quest.

And last, but not least, you need all the boss enemies, including General Chaos, your very end enemy.

To have a visual change on each page, the ninja characters are posing in different fighting poses, with different weapons and tidying tools.

Page Layout

For an easier understanding of each page/level, the pages are similiarly structured. 

The boss characterisation makes the quest more fun and emotional, the story gives you an outline of what is happening, and also with what the enemy is struggling. Some might find themselves in these.

The scrolls on the lower third are the call-to-action, that let you choose whether or not to follow the tip and tidy like this.

If you choose to not do it, you are asked to start over. If you choose to follow through, you gain a rank, an item and the key to start the next level.

Want to Play?

You are curious and want to try it for yourself? Just click the download button to download the free PDF as single pages. It is in DIN A4 so you can print it at home easily.

You are free to use, share and print it for personal use.
You are not allowed to use it in any commercial way.